We founded Poplar
knowing that to inspire
more people to compost,
we had to start with
a better bin

We designed a bin that deserves attention to solve a crisis that deserves it more

The problem

Food waste does not decompose in the landfill, it emits methane, which is 30x worse than CO2. Composting is our best chance at reducing emissions.

It's a


By not throwing food waste in the landfill, you are not emitting methane. That's a win. Composting allows you to give nutrients back to the earth in your own backyard and community. That process captures CO2 in the grown. That's another win.

The Dirt: Poplar's compost community

The first step in our journey towards increased accessibility - and in turn greater impact - is to build community around composters throughout the country to raise awareness, connect resources, & build a better future — starting with you.