Composting is
a beautiful thing

A better compost bin for your home & our future.
Don't call it a trash can

The Poplar Smart Bin was designed to fit your home, your countertop, and your daily meal prep rituals. No unsavory smells, no handsfull moments, and no wasting of your precious counter space.


I’m new to composting and admittedly bought this bin for it’s clean and modern aesthetic. However, after using it, I must say I’m also impressed with the clever design (the lid fits on the edge of the bin so you don’t have to place it on your counter) and cool app that tracks your waste diversion over time.

Christina M.

Poplar Customer

Designed from the ground up, and back again

Designed for Home

A bin deserving of your time, attention, and counter space. The Smart Bin was designed as a timeless addition to replace bins that have outstayed their welcome.

Designed for Humans

Designed with you in mind. The Smart Bin was created to fit your life and solve the issues that humans - like you - have faced for years with other countertop bins.

Designed for Humanity

Food waste is a major contributor to our current climate crisis, with a large portion originitating right here at home — stay connected to your impact.

Make an impact with each meal

1. Get the Smart Bin

2. Collect food scraps

3. Track your impact

4. Choose your local compost path

Questions? Don't let them go to waste

Beyond the connected Smart Base that tracks your impact, the Poplar Smart Bin is designed for everyday use and to become a staple of any kitchen it finds a home in.

The beauty of Poplar is that you get to decide, you're not limited to shipping your dehydrated food, or stuck with baked egg shells that local composters won't accept or want.

You can:

  • Compost in your own backyard
  • Drop off your food scraps locally
  • Find a local curbside hauling service

Composting, in any form, is the second best method in the waste hierarchy for throttling our food waste — only below reducing & reusing. Leftover food that winds up in landfills turns into C02 and contributes significantly to the current climate crisis.

The best day to start composting was yesterday, the second best day is today. Habits can take up to a year to begin forming, so we encourage everyone to help build moment and start composting - now - in whatever way they can.

Poplar only requires charging once every few months and is not an "always plugged in" device like (not so) similar other at home devices on the market. The Smart Base requires very little energy & only refreshes every 15 minutes in order to expand battery life as long as possible while still reporting your impact — no motors to churn your food or inefficient heating coils.

Absolutely! We see ourselves as partners to haulers and even work directly with them in some regions — often offering discounts for those who choose to upgrade to Poplar. If you're currently using a hauler, we'd love to hear about your experience, so feel free to send us a message!

When you order a Poplar Smart Bin what you'll receive in your box is as follows:

  • The Poplar Smart Bin
  • Smart Base
  • Bin lid
  • Charcoal filter