Getting started
with Poplar

Planting the seeds of success for your composting journey

Bin it to win it

We believe that composting should be - well - simple. That's why we limited the setup of your Smart Bin to as few steps as possible.

Unbox your
Poplar Smart Bin

To get started, unbox your Poplar Smart Bin and ensure you have your bin, the base, and lid.

Next up,
download the Poplar app

Click the button below on your smart device to download the Poplar Impact Tracker from the App store and begin connecting your Smart Bin.

Connect your Smart Base,
following our step-by-step guide

Follow along with the instructions on your screen, or continue below, to pair your base with your phone.

Grab a toothpick,
and enable Bluetooth

To get started, simply press the button on the side of your Smart Base with a small object (we recommend a toothpick). Once the light is blinking, the Base is ready to connect.

Click to continue,
the pairing process

To begin pairing, just press the 'pairing is caring' button on your screen and follow the instructions. This may take a minute.

Time to connect,
to our entire network

Input the wifi network and password you'd like to use to track your impact data & you'll be watching your progress.

setting your base to zero

Once connected, set your Smart Bin - with the lid on - onto your Smart Base and click the button on your screen to begin calibrating.

You're all set!
Plan a meal to celebrate

That's it, easy right? Now all that's left to do is start prepping your meals as usual, but now with the added benefit of having Poplar by your counter side to ensure that no food goes to waste.

Choose a compost path

Poplar helps you find the best solution to turn your waste into soil for the planet. From at home compost piles to local curbside compost services, we support local food ecosystems & make your food go further.

Divert your waste